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Get the FREE 'WDW for Beginners' guide as a PDF or audiobook.

Get the FREE ‘WDW for Beginners’ guide as a PDF or audiobook.

If you’ve been dreaming about the perfect trip to a Disney Park & Resort, My Travel Layaway can help make all of the arrangements, AND make your dreams come true!  We specialize in Disney vacations for as little as $200 down!  Vacations are customized to the individual and can include the following:

  • On site accomodations
  • Airport transfers (if needed)
  • Theme and water park tickets
  • Disney Dining options

To learn more about visiting Walt Disney World, visit our ELO Travel site and download the PDF or audio file of ‘The Beginners Guide To Disney’.

And if you’re thinking about a cruise, we’ve got you covered THERE too!  How about a cruise for a small down payment, then less than a hundred bucks a month (for two!!!), and you sail within a year?  We can make it happen.  We’ll:

  • Find the perfect cruise date, itinerary and cabin
  • Arrange transfers, either from the airport of Walt Disney World
  • Give advice, especially if this is your FIRST cruise!

And now available, the DISNEY VACATION ACCOUNT!! 

Watch and learn!!!  It’s a game changer!!

Steps to making the Disney Vacation Account work for you!

  • Talk to the friendly folks at ‘My Travel Layaway’ for information about what it would take for YOUR Disney dream vacation!
  • Open your Disney Vacation Account with as little as $10.  Make your reservation as soon as you are within the booking window.
  • Make periodic donations to the account and watch your future Disney dream vacations come true!
  • It’s just that simple!!!

Want to know more about the Vacation Account?  Check it out!



Tell us about your Disney dream vacation!





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