• 1.My Travel Layaway
    Q and A about travel services offered at MyTravelLayaway.com.
  • What are the charges for your services?

    My Travel Layaway charges you nothing for our services. We work closely with suppliers, just like a traditional travel agent. The travel is priced exactly the same and we are paid a commission by the companies we work with.

  • If I get a quote, am I obligated in any way?

    None whatsoever.

  • Is there a credit check?


  • Do I need a credit card?

    You do not need a credit card. You will need a way of transferring funds to pay for the trip. You can utilize any of a number of prepaid card options to do this.

  • How are down payments determined?

    Down payments are preset by the travel vendors.

  • Once we've booked our trip and made the down payment, what happens next?

    Your travel consultant will go over a list of all pertinent data with you, including travel requirements, passport information (if applicable), and final payment information. You'll be given dates when payments are required, and cancellation information.
    Either at this point or later you will be informed of options or decisions that have to be made as part of your trip.

  • After I book, what happens if I can't come up with the remainder of the money?

    In many cases you will receive a full refund. The amount returned to you depends upon the cancellation policy of the vendors, and the proximity to your travel date when you transfer.
    Some vendors do reserve the right to make $100 of your deposit non-refundable.



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